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Aptly named after the first Professor of Art History at Oxford University, the Edgar Wind Society exists to make the subject accessible to everyone, as well as a fun and exciting thing to be part of. The society is founded and run by students.


We aim to encourage engagement with the History of Art beyond academic study and to offer an environment within which one can nurture an interest, develop a passion or take a fresh look at art. Art history is an interdisciplinary subject, something we are keen to develop not only within the university but around Oxford. 


Our weekly events provide the opportunity to get involved: from renowned speakers such as Waldemar Januszczak, Jeff Koons and Martin Kemp, weekly gallery tours and behind-the-scenes talks, film screenings and social evenings, there is no shortage of exciting and diverse events to attend. 

Becoming a member

£5 = 1 term membership

£15 = 1 year membership

£35 = lifetime membership

Membership gives you free entry to society events (unless otherwise stated). You will receive regular email updates to ensure you’re always informed of what’s going on.  

Events are £2 for non-members (unless otherwise stated).

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please send us an e-mail at wind.society@gmail.com (to pay by bank transfer or PayPal) or sign up in person at any of our events (with cash or cheque).

The Oculus Journal: We will be announcing the theme for the 2019/20 journal shortly... Stay tuned to find out!

The Oculus Journal is published yearly, and is composed of submissions by society members, art history academics, and Oxford University students. The journal provides a further opportunity for students to engage with the subject.


In order to submit to Oculus, please write an 100-word pitch outlining the concept of your piece. The piece can be prose or poetry, long or short, and directly or indirectly related to the theme. Please send your pitches to wind.society@gmail.com

See the 2018-19 edition of Oculus here.



Name: Eleanor Ohlsen

Subject: History of Art

College: St Peter's 

Favourite Work of Art: Day's End, Gordon Matta-Clark

Marketing and Online Coordinator


Name: Lucinda Kirk 

Subject: Italian 

College: Keble 

Favourite Work of Art: Au Vélodrome, Jean Metzinger 



Name: Nina Ledwoch

Subject: History of Art

College: Wadham

Favourite Work of Art: Rebecca Horn, 'Der Eintanzer', 1978



Name: Jack Marsh

Subject: History of Art

College: Worcester

Favourite Work of Art: Untitled (Say Goodbye, Catullus, to the Shores of Asia Minor), 1994, Cy Twombly



Name: Nina Ledwoch

Subject: History of Art

College: Wadham

Favourite Work of Art: Sculpture-Lamp, 1970, Alina Szapocznikow


Oculus Editor


Name: Abigail Hodges
Subject: Philosophy and Theology
College: St Peter's

Favourite Artwork: 'Escape into Life'/ 'Must Seriously love Cats'



Name: Oli Lloyd-Parry (Former President)
Subject: Medicine
Favourite Artwork: Garden of Earthly Delights, 1503-1515, Hieronymus Bosch

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